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Real medieval fiction. Dare you enter?

Darius Stransky; part Irish and part English gypsy but fully formed individual who loves all things medieval. For many years he wrote weekly columns for top media groups in the UK and hired out his writing skills as a freelance to many magazines and periodicals. Then the life and times of King Edward the First became a passion and one morning a character (now known as Lord Cristian Gilleson in ‘The King’s Jew’) appeared and insisted on telling his tale.

Darius immersed himself in thirteenth century Europe and the result was Book One. But it didn’t end there for Gilleson hadn’t ended his story and so … the saga continued. Now back in the twenty-first century Stransky enjoys the peace and quiet of his study, his grumpy cat and a good book. But every now and then he returns to his medieval world and writes and writes and writes….


“Took me into an era of British History that I knew next to nothing of. Detailed and well researched in the manner of a C J Sansom novel. The story is immediately gripping with its vivid descriptions and sense of authenticity.”
— Cristoph Fischer

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