Data is power: get your book found by readers

Pronoun is proud to be the only indie publishing solution powered by intelligent data of over 7 million books—powerful insights and personalized strategy in real-time.

How are books getting found?

The rise of ebooks and online retailers has changed the way that readers are finding their books and has created new challenges for authors who are trying to get discovered. Having seen the lack of tools available to help authors navigate digital publishing, Pronoun started gathering data from 7 million independently and traditionally published books. With this data, we’ve created tools to tackle the most pressing challenges that independent authors face in creating a thriving writing career.


Get help picking the best category for your book to get found by more readers.


Pronoun alerts you when you are approaching a top 100 ranking and tells you how to get there.

Search Terms

Pronoun takes the guess work out of search terms by giving you recommended terms from actual reader searches for your book.

Sales Trends

Our Earnings Page gives you insight into your income and we notify you of every sale to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.


Pronoun’s pricing insights give you actionable pricing information to help you make the most from your hard work.

Competition Analysis

Use our book tracking and get notified of all major milestones for your or a competitor’s book.


We provide authors with data from their book pages so they can better measure reader enthusiasm.